About American Portfolios Financial Services

At American Portfolios Financial Services, we provide independent, unbiased recommendations to help you make informed financial decisions. As financial planning professionals, we abide by the Code of Ethics adopted by the International Board of Standards and Practices for Certified Financial Planners, Inc. and the national Financial Planning Association.

Our job is to provide you and your family with superior financial outcomes not superior investment returns from quarter-to-quarter by chasing the "hot" performers of the moment (We do not believe in that approach).

Why should you work with us, with American Portfolios Financial Services, Inc and our Advisory Firm American Portfolios Advisors?

  • The principal objective of our organization is to provide unbiased financial advice. In keeping with that objective, we do not create or sponsor proprietary investment products. Accordingly, we are afforded a comprehensive range of nationally-recognized investment products and services, without the biases and sales quotas often associated with firm-sponsored products.
  • With this platform, we are able to tailor customized investment strategies to help achieve our clients' goals. It is this fundamental principle that gives our clients "The Independent Advantage".

What will you gain by working with us? You will:

  • Save time. We filter the broad range of available information. Too much information can cause overload and may result in taking no action at all. Or reading and acting on information that is not pertinent to your situation can produce a poor decision.
  • Increase your chances of a superior financial outcome. You can make knowledgeable decisions and you will have a suitable investment allocation. This will help keep you from making emotional decisions and from jumping in and out of investments that were purchased based on current performance, without due regard to the level of risk involved.
  • Have an investment plan designed to protect against inflation.
  • Maximize your financial resources.
  • Take advantage of relevant tax laws (in cooperation with your tax advisor).
  • Overcome procrastination.
  • Increase your peace of mind by knowing that you have an integrated plan invested in modern financial products (as opposed to a "patchwork" plan).
  • Expand your "Fun Factor"; you'll have more time for family and recreation because of the work we do for you---and hopefully more money to use on them.

A financial plan should defend you against the greater risks of life (premature death, disability, prolonged debility) and pursues the greater opportunities (education, comfortable retirement, legacies). This is the first building block. Creating and acting on a plan is inherently forward looking and anticipatory. Otherwise, you are reduced to reacting, looking backward; trying to find profit from past events at which point it is already too late.

The second block is asset allocation, a suitable mix of stocks and bonds. The plan-driven investor buys, holds, and keeps buying whenever he/she can.


The third building block is behavior modification. This is done by avoiding eight major mistakes: over-diversification, under-diversification, overconfidence (euphoria), panic, leverage, speculation (rather than investing), investing for yield instead of total return and letting tax impacts override prudent portfolio decisions.


What should you do now?

Get in touch with Mark at (440) 759-2034. How about taking that step right now? It can be critical to your financial well being.  Arrange a meeting with Mark to discuss your finanacial needs and goals.  He can discuss how he can provide you with a written comprehensive financial plan and make recommendations to help you achieve your goals.